Wedding in Florence: About Us

If we close our eyes and think about a Florentine Renaissance painting, the first thing that comes to mind is a balance between harmony and mysterious beauty.
How would you like to meet a modern day incarnation of those aesthetic values?
The lightness with which Nadia walks through life, places her in the long tradition of Florentine women for whom beauty, exquisite hospitality and unbound creativity are second nature.

A little something about NADIA ...

Nadia attended the High School of Tourism in Florence and she comes from a long experience in tourism and special events. She has been planning weddings since 1990 working in one of the oldest Company in Florence. Nadia loves her job as a wedding planner and enjoys the direct contact with people coming from abroad!
Nadia is always smiling and always available for her couples. She is precise and exuberant; she loves music and in particular loves dancing. Nadia has now poured her creativity and sparkling personality into wedding planning.
Her incredible attention to detail allows her to create events in which color, atmosphere and light open the doors to the extraordinary. She loves travelling and has visited many countries all around the world.
Nadia has two wonderful sons: Dana which is 7 years old and Lorenzo wich is 21 years old.

Wedding planners in Florence and Tuscany. Wedding and event planning with Nadia is colored with passion and creativity. She oversees all operations. She handles the marketing and program development. She does all of the consulting, event design, planning, decorating and coordinating. You can easily see her sitting on the grass with the florist giving her final touch to the ceremony Chuppah. It is a wonder to watch her directing and coordinating a string quartet with just a glance, or with one of her wonderful smiles.
Nadia has studied the magnificent beauty of art, but have become experts in the beauty of life! Let Nadia plan your wedding in Florence